Camping Oven Tip #113

The first most common mistake of why people do not like cast iron is that they say everything sticks. If camping food sticks to your cast-iron pan, your pan is NOT seasoned right and you need to re-season it. Cast iron is a natural non-stick surface and if your pan is seasoned correctly it WILL […]

Camping Oven Usage Tip #112

Do not use a cast-iron oven/pan in your microwave. If you do, you will ruin your pan and also your microwave oven. The fireworks display that will result will not be worth the cleanup and replacement cost.

Outdoor Camp Oven Tip #109

Refer to the chart below when using a camp oven, the hot coals/briquettes amounts are conservative, especially for the temps above 375 degrees. You will probably have to add more coals/briquettes after the initial warm-up. * The numbers represent charcoal briquettes, so use your own judgment comparing the numbers to hot campfire coals. ** The […]

Camp Oven Tip #108

Hot coal amounts are not a set-n-go thing, to maintain desired temperature you will need to replenish coals/briquettes as they burn down.

Cooking at Camp Tip #106

For baking, put twice as many coals on top as under the bottom. For example if your heat range calls for 15 briquettes, then put 10 on top and 5 underneath. For simmering and cooking, reverse this with 2/3 of the briquettes underneath.

Camping Tip #105

Generally, to get a 350 degree inside-oven temperature the number of coals would be 2 times the Dutch oven diameter. e.g. 12″ oven = 24 briquettes. (use a little judgment here, sometimes more – sometimes less).