Camp Oven Zucchini Muffins Recipe

Zucchini muffins taste insanely delicious as much as banana breads do. Similarly, these muffins are easy to make, too. You can even put some dried cranberries, nuts, and raisins in it. Sounds good? Yummy!

Camp Oven Cornbread Pudding Dish

This recipe is really tasty and full of flavour. It may just take you a while to finish up the dish but it surely is worth the wait. Even when you’re in the middle of nowhere and out from your home, as long as you share this dish with your loved ones, it will be […]

Tasty Camp Oven Toad in the Hole Dish

This dish may take you to cook up approximately 1 hour but just like any other dish, it is worth your time. You may either serve this dish as a bready side or you can even make a mouth-watering gravy to go along with it. I love gravy! Best served when hot!

Yummy Camp Oven Sultana Rolls

This delectable recipe is best served when warm especially during breakfast. You may accompany it with honey or simply just an accompaniment to various savoury dishes as well as salads. You can also put some chopped nuts like hazelnuts or almonds. Yum! Yum!

Camp Oven Healthy Baked Vegetables

Healthy people deserve healthy meals as well. This recipe is best not only for vegetarians but for just anyone who are veggie lovers though not exactly vegetarians. You get what I mean? I’m pretty sure you do. So, here’s something mouth-watering that you can prepare for your fellow campers! Enjoy!

Carbonnade Flamande Camp Oven Dish

This dish is actually a traditional sweet and sour beef and onion stew mixed with Belgian beer, which is also best seasoned with thyme and bay leaf. Just keep in mind that the variety of beer is essential to sustain the flavour. Stir in some sugar and a small amount of cider or wine vinegar […]

Camp Oven Bacon Bomb Recipe

Wow, this recipe is one big explosion! Imagine, cooking weaves of bacon, and then some sausages, more pork, spices, in the middle and layering it again with the whole thing? Now, isn’t that such a blast? Just by the thought of doing it makes me crave for more especially putting some barbecue sauce along with […]

Camp Oven Roast Pork with Sweet Apples Recipe

Now this dish is good for more than 6 people. Actually, this can serve up to 12 people. So while the others are just enjoying the nature around and having some activities, all the ladies can help each other out to prepare this. I’m sure Mum might even take the full responsibility and let the […]

Camp Oven Succulent Salmon with Glazed Cinnamon and Ginger

You will definitely need a camp oven to cook up this recipe. This one is a favourite when out camping especially Dad. He loves salmon with its succulent taste along with the glazed cinnamon and ginger. The tastiness and flavour just goes into your mouth and you end up asking for more. So for those […]