Camp Oven Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

Do you know the difference between a cobbler and a pie? Well, cobblers never contain a bottom crust unlike pies but both are very yummy desserts! Now, I want to share with you this fruity recipe of blackberry with a delicious filling that you can share with your family or fellow campers…

Creamy Corn Chowder with Corn Salsa

Who loves corn? I surely do! I looovvveee corn whether it is a cob, soup, side dish, chowder, or anything that has it. That is why I would like to share with you guys and gals this Corn Chowder Recipe because it surely is yummy and delicious. Best served when hot!

Camp Stove Nasi Kerasi Dish

This unique dish can surely make your appetite full. With just a mixture of rice, fresh coconut, fish, and some spices, you and your fellow campers will surely love munching on this. Already a complete meal – with, rice, fish, and veggies. Now, eat up in less than an hour or even 30 minutes.

Camp Oven Irish Stew Recipe

Did you know that a traditional Irish Stew is made from a lamb or a mutton? Mutton, because it comes from a less tender sheep that has a much stronger flavour. For this recipe, we are using a lamb plus adding up some potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsley to make it a perfect Irish stew.

Camp Oven Braised Chicken Recipe

A very simple cooking technique but will surely have a huge outcome. Why do I say so? Simply because, I believe braising is one way to cook less expensive but you end up with a result that is simply tender and flavourful. And that is why I can’t wait to share with you this recipe. […]

Camp Oven-roasted Ratatouille Dish

In case you are not aware, a traditional or classic ratatouille dish really consists of bell peppers, zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and some fresh herbs. This recipe is a classic example and we are using a fresh continental parsley to add flavour. This may be served even hot or cold. Perfect for vegetarians!

Camp Oven Fruity Pumpkin Muffins

If your kids are not an avid fan of pumpkins, why not make some creative and tasty muffins. Most kids love eating muffins anyway, right? So here goes, this recipe is just very easy, which can take you barely 30 minutes to bake. With just the right mix of the necessary ingredients and then placing […]

Camp Oven Fruit Cake

Now who says you can only eat fruitcakes during Christmas, huh?! Of course, you do not have to wait Christmas because you can bake it anytime of the year. That is why we are sharing this very simple recipe so you can easily make and enjoy eating. Fruitcakes are usually baked using chopped candied fruits […]

Camp Oven Ranch Low-fat Chicken Dish

As long as you have a camp oven with you, you can cook anything. This is one healthy dish that anyone can surely cook while you are out camping in the middle of nowhere. Not only can you use ranch dressing with salad but with any other dish. Now, cook up in less than an […]

Camp Oven Tangy Glazed Ham

When I hear of glazed ham, I can’t help but think of Christmas. I don’t know but I usually associate it with the Holiday season though I eat glazed hams as often as I can. So here goes a simple recipe that you can also bring along hen you are out camping. Yummy!