Camping Quote #30

Backpacking: An extended form of hiking in which people carry double the amount of gear they need for half the distance they planned to go in twice the time it should take. ~ Unknown

Man VS Debt

A blog site that’s being constructed by Adam Baker or simply called Baker by his friends. Adam has Courtney, his wife of 4 years, and their spunky, stubborn newly-turned-three-year-old daughter, Milligan as the core of his life and considered to be his deepest passion. He shared their story in this blog wherein they decided to […]

Camping Adventure Kitchen Tip #35

Turn off the heat or remove the oven from the fire once the camping food is cooked. Use hot pads or oven mitts to move the oven off the fire or grill. Allow the camp oven to cool completely before breaking it down.

Camping Quote #29

It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature’s gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever. ~ Jimmy Carter –39th president of the United States (1977-81), b.1924


This blog site is collated by two American kids, turned mid-career professionals, turned travel junkies. Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are married for more than four years and have been through 65 countries already. And guess what? They’re still travelling around the world! I believe that if you have the passion, dream, and goals in […]

Camping Quote #28

The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness. ~ Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862), U.S. philosopher, author, naturalist


Soultravelers3 is all about a family of 3 from Santa Cruz, California. The couple is already on their early 50’s while their daughter is 5 years old. For them, life has been going at a very fast pace over the years as they prepared for their adventure of a lifetime. The family spent their first […]