The Happy Campers

This blog was started out by the couple last 2006, with the objective of keeping their friends and families “up to speed” with their daily lives while living in a 34 feet camper. There are heaps of stories in this blog site that tells a lot of their personal lives. I like the main objective […]

Camping Quote #34

Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant


Sue and John Barker are a couple who started travelling around Australia and started out this blog since April 2011. Their travel experience began from Gidgegannup and will later on return to their property in Mahogany Creek. Reading on just a few of their posts in their blog, a number of their travel experiences have […]

Outdoor Camp Oven Tip #39

Before starting to cook with your camp oven you will need a good supply of coals. Naturally, different woods will give you different heats with some being hotter than others. Experience will help but I must admit I have found that the worst coals you can get are from pine. Pine produces a lot of […]

Camping Quote #33

A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort and remembered with nostalgia. ~ Anonymous

5th Wheelers RV Motor Homes

A wheeled vehicle that is designed to be pulled by a car or a truck and is equipped for occupancy, the 5th wheeler is considered to be the new concepts in Australia but is rapidly gaining popularity due to the benefits it provides. This site explains the benefits that you can get and experience when […]

Camping Oven Tip #38

A Dutch oven can serve as a camp stove in most situations. Place the same number of coals beneath the oven to equal the oven’s size, and the same amount on the top of the oven plus four extra. For instance, if your Dutch oven is a number 12, place 12 coals beneath the oven […]