Camping Quote #43

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment. ~ Jane Austen

Glamping Blog

Glamping is camping the more glamorous way. For most people, camping is the ultimate cheap getaway. As described, a road trip away carrying your sleeping bags, tents, a campfire, damper, and marshmallows on a stick are an ideal camping. However, not all camping trips are created or done equal because chances are, you have never […]

Camping Quote #42

I remember a hundred lovely lakes, and recall the fragrant breath of pine and fir and cedar and poplar trees. The trail has strung upon it, as upon a thread of silk, opalescent dawns and saffron sunsets. It has given me blessed release from care and worry and the troubled thinking of our modern day. […]

Hiking Camping

Kathy and Craig Copeland are the authors of this blog, who are very much dedicated to each other. They both agree that no matter how arduous the trail is or how rigorous the conditions are, hiking is still the easiest amongst the many tasks that’s necessary to create a guidebook. At the recent post on […]

Camping Quote #41

Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars… and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful. Everything is simply happy. Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they […]

Cool Camping

As stated in their site, the blog was born after travel writer Jonathan Knight and his friends spent an idyllic weekend while camping in Caerfai Bay campsite, South Wales during spring 2005. After so many experiences, an idea of writing a book that became Cool Camping: England is said to be a revolution for campers […]