Couples Mike and Trish are about to start the next phase of their lives. This simply means that instead of travelling and doing the “family thing”, they planned of travelling around Australia for at least 12 months by going East to West and then North. Thus, calling their trip “The Wrong Way Around”. Now, I […]

Camping Adventure Cooking Tip #57

As soon as the last flames die down leaving mostly white coals, use a stick to push the coals into a higher level at the back end and lower level at the front. This will give you the equivalent of ‘Hi’, ‘Med’ and ‘Lo’ cook settings. Or, level the coals to your preference. To cook, […]

Family Motorhomes

Family Motorhomes is actually a family business which was created in September 2010. This offers families, couples, and travellers an affordable motorhome holiday experience. An inspiration brought about by their gorgeous daughter, Rhiannon, Maree and Peter Fish started this out because they wanted a holiday option that can allow everyone to have a great time. […]

Outdoor Camp Adventure Tip #56

When kindling is ablaze, add firewood. The wood should be all the same size, as much as possible. Use hardwood or hardwood branches if available. Distribute wood evenly over fire bed.

Family Road Trip Australia

Family Road Trip Australia site was created by Jacqui Barnsleys – sharing all of the family’s travelling experiences with Kelly – her husband and Brayden – her older son. Too bad, they had to leave Lewin – her 2-year old son, behind at some trips since they have to explore some locations that require more […]

1 Year Off Our Big Adventure

This blog site started off when Lyndon’s wife proposed that their family take a year off in 2012 and head to the South of France to live with the locals. However, they had a little boy so instead he proposed to drive around Australia while towing a camper trailer and find a new place to […]

Outdoor Camping Adventure Tip #54

To lay the kindling, fill the fire area with crumpled paper or tinder. Lay kindling over paper in layers, alternating direction with each layer. Use thin splits of wood or small dead branches. Do not put kindling down “teepee style”. The whole fire area should be covered with the kindling stack.