Camping Adventure Tip #62

Remember, a little planning goes a long way. Before leaving on your trip, create a menu with ideas from everyone in your camp. Make a list that consists of a variety of camping food options. Think of your favorite home meals and then plan to recreate them at the campsite.

Outdoor Camp Cooking Tip #61

Traditionally, the campsite has been the centre for all outdoor camping lore. A group of tired bodies gather around a makeshift fire, reclined in folding camping chairs and talking up the day’s events over a plate of great grub. Camp cooking can be fast, easy and healthy; just follow all the simple guidelines and voilà, […]

The Great Australian Doorstep

The Great Australian Doorstep is a travel TV show, which is hosted by Peter Spida Everitt. The show basically shows off the smaller towns of Australia – how great they are, the locals and why there are a brilliant choice for a family holiday. This experience has been done by caravan, even staying at some […]

Camping Food Tip #60

In September and October, when hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts take to the field, you can never be sure exactly what to expect. A good camping trip can easily turn frustrating due to unexpected weather, difficult terrain or uncooperative game animals. One thing that doesn’t have to suffer are the camping meals. Who knows, you […]

Making Trax

A blog put up by this couple with 2 kids – they have travelled around Australia with so much joy, making sure that they’ve shared almost anything that they can. I may not have read everything from their site but some posts that I liked so far can be read through these links: and […]

Camping Cooking Tip #59

After cooking, add wood for your evening campfire. Before retiring, extinguish thoroughly and soak with water. Turn rocks in on fire bed. It will be easy to reassemble the next day if required.


DriveNow is actually a business that started out several years ago in 2003. This was brought about by the idea to help travellers find and compare the best online rates for car and campervan rental the easy way. Besides from running a business, this site has several stories to share, too. The good thing about […]