Camping Health Tip #65

Health and nutrition are essential for any active excursion. You need your energy. Unfortunately, chips and soda won’t put you at your best for the day. Plan a light and healthy breakfast and don’t over-eat. Take a few less strips of bacon and add a banana or orange. It’s hard to be an effective marksman […]

Safety Camping Tip #64

Be sure to pay attention to any special needs of campers in your group. Ask anybody if they have requests you can easily plan around. A diabetic or someone with heart concerns may require slight modifications.

Camping Cooking Tip #63

Don’t be afraid to try new camping dishes. I like to grab a cookbook and pick out some basic ideas. If you’ll be gone several days, try the same general dish twice, adding a new twist. For instance, I really can’t get sick of meat and potatoes. So, how about last year’s venison one night […]