Camping Set-up Tip #70

The typical base camp has two or three stoves and work tables. Arrange everything to maximize your cooking attention. For instance, I like to create a U-shaped setup that lets me step from one stove to another with ease.

Top 5 Reasons to add the Larapinta Trail to your Bucket List

You can choose between a few different organised tour groups or go at your own pace, by yourself. Although the terrain is rugged, it’s in the moments of struggle that you find your true strength. The nights are cold, your nose is freezing, but your body is so warm in a swag. Walking through the […]

9 Stealthy Camp Spots You’d Never Find

Want some peace and quiet? You need a stealth camping spot. I love the incredible lengths that people will go to just to hide their camping spot, and they’re usually cramming themselves into a tiny 1 or 2 man tent. They come up with very creative ways to get out of the way. My favourite is […]

Camping Kitchen Tip #69

The location of your kitchen is key. Because the campsite tends to center around food, arrange your stoves and cooking gear near the hub of activity. You’ll be able to chat with everyone while you cook – and, who knows, they might even volunteer to help out. Pay attention to wind direction. You will want […]

Camping Adventure Tip #68

Don’t forget to drink a lot of liquid, preferably water. First thing in the morning, I recommend downing a big glass of water to fill your body’s water level. You should be stable by the time you leave camp after breakfast. Take along some extra water for the day’s trip and sip as needed.

Outdoor Camp Food Tip #67

A tasty dinner will add fuel to your body while replenishing you after a tough day. Avoid too many starches and heavy foods. Fresh veggies are an excellent snack alternative to potato chips. Try some tasty breakfast nachos, quesadillas, or burritos for a quick and filling treat. Take along fresh fruit and leave the bags […]