Camping Adventure Tip #74

I recommend changing your clothes after cooking up the morning grub. You don’t want the smell of pancakes and bacon to give you away to the keen noses of the game you are trying to pursue.

Outdoor Camping Tip #73

Because you are a guest in nature’s habitat, you will bring with you all kinds of new oddities. The smells created by cooking food are sure to gain the attention of area wildlife. Be sure to seal all food and garbage tightly. Then, place the items in a secure location; maybe in the RV rather […]

Outdoor Camp Kitchen Tip #72

While you can’t plan for unexpected weather, you can be prepared for some basic surprises from Mother Nature. Take along an open-sided cooking shade to keep you dry during rain and out of the sun on hot days.

Camp Kitchen Set-up Tip #71

Make it easy to dish up the plates once the camping meal is done. Create a feeding line that begins at one end of the table with the plates and finishes up with the hot foods at the end. When possible, serve onto fellow campers’ plates directly from the cooking pots.