Camp Adventure Kitchen Tip #83

The campsite meals always seem to be the best meals of the year. Be prepared for a successful trip – and build your camp kitchen as a key ingredient. The market offers a variety of high-tech outdoor cooking supplies. Over time, you can work to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Camp Kitchen Tip #82

Begin your kitchen small and add to your equipment as your cooking ability advances. With a wide variety of options on the market, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $800 for a truly gourmet camp kitchen. In a world where every minor advantage can make a significant difference in performance, having the […]

Outdoor Camping Tip #81

Select a camp cooler that fits your terrain needs. Newer models feature such amenities as wheels and advanced handles. Select models that allow you to segment your foods easily, keeping the meats away from other camping foods. Propane or RV refrigerators are an excellent way to keep your meat cold for long trips.

Awesome camping gear for the family at Camping Cove

Camping Cove has more than a decade of experience in helping families fulfill their great outdoor adventures with their wide range of specially-designed camping equipment. You will surely be at awe with their mega-sized tents that are not only fully-functional – we are talking about zippered doors for privacy, convertible space for adjoining rooms here […]

Camp Kitchen Tip #80

Finish off the kitchen with a wooden storage box. Custom-designed boxes, such as the options available from expert Dutch oven chef Kent Mayberry are a great way to organise your camping tools.