Outdoor Camp Cooking Tip #96

Using hot campfire coals or charcoal briquettes for Dutch oven cooking is where Dutch oven cooking begins to become an outdoor camping art. A good, experienced campfire cook will use this method to come up with campfire recipes, (including baked goods), that you will remember for a long time.

Camp Oven Tip #95

Using hot coals for both cooking and baking with a Dutch oven is the most controllable type of cooking. You can cook slow or fast, and bake, just by adjusting the amount of coals or briquettes under and on your Dutch oven.

Camping Oven Tip #94

Using the Dutch oven sitting on a fire grate over the campfire flames, or even directly on the campfire without a grate will give you the fastest most intense heating.

Outdoor Camp Oven Tip #93

Use a tripod to hang a cast iron Dutch oven directly over a campfire for fast direct heat from the flames, or slow cooking from the ambient heat of campfire coals.