Outdoor Camp Oven Tip #109

Refer to the chart below when using a camp oven, the hot coals/briquettes amounts are conservative, especially for the temps above 375 degrees. You will probably have to add more coals/briquettes after the initial warm-up. * The numbers represent charcoal briquettes, so use your own judgment comparing the numbers to hot campfire coals. ** The […]

Camp Oven Tip #108

Hot coal amounts are not a set-n-go thing, to maintain desired temperature you will need to replenish coals/briquettes as they burn down.

Camping Oven Tip #107

For even heat, rotate oven and lid 90 degrees in opposite directions approximately half-way through recipe cooking time.

Cooking at Camp Tip #106

For baking, put twice as many coals on top as under the bottom. For example if your heat range calls for 15 briquettes, then put 10 on top and 5 underneath. For simmering and cooking, reverse this with 2/3 of the briquettes underneath.