7 Reasons Your Girl Needs a BlackWolf Gogo Urban Girls Backpack

There is no getting away from the fact that the modern girl is every bit as independent as the modern woman. A hectic social schedule means they’re rarely at home, always have something to do, someone to see and problems to solve.

Vital to survival then is a daypack that can accommodate everything they need. And that’s where the BlackWolf Gogo Urban Girls Backpack Daypack comes in – catering to the specific needs of a busy socialite with places to go and no time to waste.

As a BlackWolf product, the quality of this backpack goes without saying. But, while slim-line designs and feminine shades are fine, such light backpacks and daypacks must be practical. So, we looked at some of the ways that the BlackWolf Gogo backpack can be used.

1. For School

School books can weigh quite a lot these days. Not packing that kind of weight properly can cause serious back and should pains for kids of all ages. The Gogo backpack is specifically designed to keep everything firmly positioned on the back. It means less strain, less pain and your girl can still carry everything she needs for her studies.

2. Ballet

Well, it doesn’t have to be ballet but whatever a girl’s personal interest might be (soccer, volleyball, urban dance) there is plenty of room in a Black Wolf Gogo Urban backpack to pack all the gear necessary. So, zipping off to soccer practice or dance practice is never a problem.

3. The Sleepover

As social creatures, the obligatory sleepoverat a friend’s house is a must for any girl. Packing in those extra comfortable cotton pajamas, extra woolly socks, toiletries and more is no problem at all.

4. A Change of Clothes

Any day trip can involve an emergency or two. Whether it is a case of the weather turning for the worst, or the hot sun causing some extreme perspiration, the need for a change of clothes is always a possibility. No matter where you are, the Gogo Urban backpack provides enough room for a complete change.

5. A Country Hike

Of course, backpacks were made for hikes in the country, and this backpack is no different. The padded harness ensures that comfort is always enjoyed. But practical access to any maps or water bottles is provided by a bungee system on the back. With lots of room for packed lunches, clothes and other items, a few hours taking in the beauty of the wilderness comes with no worries.

6.  Going to Town With Friends

As an urban bag, the Black Wolf Gogo backpack is perfectly adept to making travelling in the cities and towns easier. So, when it comes to taking the weekend jaunt into the city on a shopping trip with friends, this bag is ideal.

Even on long commutes, the inclusion of a music pouch and external headphone port means the journey passes by quickly. And once amongst the denizens, the bag fits snugly on the back so slipping through crowds is done simply.

7. Keeping Secrets

Well… if we told you more, it wouldn’t be a secret, now would it!

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