9 Stealthy Camp Spots You’d Never Find

Want some peace and quiet? You need a stealth camping spot. I love the incredible lengths that people will go to just to hide their camping spot, and they’re usually cramming themselves into a tiny 1 or 2 man tent. They come up with very creative ways to get out of the way.

My favourite is the last one. Camping in between a rock and a hard place, and with stealth. This one’s definitely the ultimate stealth camper.


Flickr by cruiznbye


Flickr by Pig Monkey


Flickr by mmeiser2


Flickr by tok tokkie


Flickr by Agi&Pali


You have to look really closely for this one. See the tent in amongst the trees?
Flickr by cruiznbye


Flickr by Tim Musson


Flickr by janetcetera


And my favourite …

Flickr by mmeiser2

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