Attention Globetrotters! The BlackWolf Globerunner II Packs It All In

For the lucky few of us with time on our hands, heading to Europe for a few months is a major event. But while tickets, visa and other documentation are essential, not everyone lends enough thought to the luggage or large backpack that’s be needed for the job.

But one of the leading choices in this department is the Globerunner II 120 litre travel bag, from BlackWolf – a surprisingly compact, easy-to-carry and even easier-to-wheel single piece of luggage.

The problem for any globetrotter is not just bringing enough clothing and gear for a three or six-month tour, it is also the fact that when you visit Europe you have to deal with a variety of climates, as well as cultures. And, depending on the time of year, you might see some sharp changes in temperature a short flight apart.

So, your swim wear in Napoli is not going to be particularly useful when you hit Edinburgh, and what might keep you warm in London in November, will do little good in Budapest in December.

The only answer is to choose luggage that can accommodate the range of clothing you need to bring, as well as the what treasures you might have managed to pillage before returning Down Under!

Available in dimensions of 80 x 37 x 40, this BlackWolf bag is not oversized, so the awkwardness that can come with lugging large luggage on and off trains and planes is not a worry, while the inclusion of secure compression straps means it can be stowed away neatly.

Of course, practicality is a major issue, and with 8 interior sorting compartments and 3 internal security pouches, there is little doubt that the BlackWolf Globerunner II has ample space to cater for a large amount of belongings.

And in terms of getting around, the Globerunner II is designed to handle a number of different urban terrains. The smooth floors of train stations and airports, and even the relatively flat surfaces of street pavement, can be easily negotiated with the wheels provided. All you need to do is pull!

On cobbled streets, where wheels are of little aid, its possible to simply carry the bag, with multiple handles provided to ensure the most comfortable grip can be found.

Travelling the world is supposed to be an adventure, not a chore, and with the BlackWolf Globerunner II, you don’t have to travel light to enjoy the adventure either.

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