Black Wolf Cicada Lightweight Hiking Tents – No Lightweights in High Winds

Arguably the most important part of your entire pack when camping, is your tent. After all, it’s what will keep you dry when the weather turns bad, snug when night falls, and properly sheltered even when the snow sets in on those winter or high-altitude hikes.

There is usually a debate raging between campers as to which brand is the most reliable, and increasingly the name of Black Wolf is heard when talking about how resilient a tent can be in high winds and freezing weather. I have to admit that I’m in the Black Wolf camp too, and for very specific reasons.

A couple of years ago (2010), I was camping with ‘her good self’ at one of the Kilcunda caravan park and camping sites in Victoria. We had a beautiful spot, with the Great Australian Bight below us, but we were sitting ducks when the wind whipped up to a storm on the second evening. We just tucked ourselves into our Black Wolf Cicada lightweight tent and hoped we didn’t get carried away.

The good news is that the wind whipped over us like water over a ducks back, but the bad news is that some of our neighbours were not so lucky. A few of them were busy making repairs the next morning, patching up some of the damage that the storm had caused – we had held firm though, without even a thread blown loose.

We had already been told how Black Wolf make two-man tents that are top notch (which is why we got ours), and was told about the advantages of the semi-geodesic design, but we were truly chuffed that ours stood up to the severe winds so well.

We’ve been campaign a dozen times since, but we’re planning a kind of mountain expedition later this year to Mt Stirling with two other couples. That’ll be a tough test for us, and we’ll have to deal with some very cold conditions and plenty of snow.

Fully confident that our own Black Wolf Cicada will keep us grounded and warm though, even if the weather turns nasty there too!

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