Camp Oven Fruit and Nut Crunch

Easy recipe to follow with only a few simple ingredients. Perfect for campers with a sweet tooth and who also like nuts. Obviously you’ll need a camp oven and a good hot fire to get it started. Enjoy! I like this recipe because of the simple ingredients it uses, and if you’re like me and […]

Warm Buttered Cow Camp Stove Beverage

A very easy beverage to make after just mixing all the ingredients in. This is great to consume after a cold bath from the river or as soon as you wake up in the morning. Drink up!

Dandelion Salad Outdoor Camp Stove Dish

Isn’t it mouth-watering to just have an appetizer before eating up the main dishes? How yummy is that? Even with just this Dandelion Salad, you might even feel that your stomach is already full… but not me! Na-ah! I can always eat up as much as having more than one serving of any salad. Not […]

Camp Stove Banana Boat S’mores

Now, isn’t it amazing how you can have a dessert you can munch on in just a few minutes? This yummy and gooey banana s’mores is just perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a fan of any fruits!

Crazy Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas

This recipe is something that I frequently prepare even at home because my kids always request it. This is actually one of the favourites amongst campers or not. Due to the quesadilla’s cheesiness and yumminess, nobody can resist munching on one. Yummy! This is certainly one of our favourites when we head out camping. The […]

Camp Stove Burritos Recipe for Breakfast

Just like a quesadilla, a burrito is one of the favourites amongst campers. Usually, burritos are eaten during breakfast but of course, this easy-to-make recipe is an all-time favourite and as long as you have an access to a pan or cookware, anyone can just make and serve it after few minutes. Some versions of […]

Bungleboori Bread Camp Oven Recipe

Obviously, you will be needing a camp oven to get started cooking this bread. This is perfect for breakfast or anytime, whenever you feel like munching on something delicious in less than an hour.

Camp Oven Bannock Recipe

Here is just a very simple and easy to make recipe. You only need four basic ingredients and just one bowl or any container to rinse. This recipe is usually the kids’ favourite because it is tasty, nutritious, nourishing, and fun to prepare on a stick over the campfire or a camp oven. It can also […]

Camp Stove Sweet Potatoes Dish

This specific potatoes meal basically and pretty much cooks by itself. In fact, you can just leave it in the charcoals! But mind you, just be sure to keep the numbers of pieces of how many potatoes you put in the fire. This is because the foil becomes coated with ashes and blends in very […]

Camp Oven Rice Krispie Squares Outdoor Recipe

Who can resist Rice Bubbles as your breakfast? Now you can creatively cook a dessert or a snack bite for those lovers of sweets. You can alternatively mix it with raisins, nuts, mallows, and even put some colouring if desired. Enjoy!