Camping Central Calls for December 26 to Be Made National Hammock Day

Camping Central, Australia’s No1 online store for camping gear, has called for December 26 to be made National Hammock Day, replacing the date’s traditional name of Boxing Day.

According to the Australian-owned online store, the reasoning behind their call is that Boxing Day has had its day, and hammocks now boast a greater significance to the date than the original name.

“We think it is time to update one of the most popular holidays in the calendar, and make it more relevant to the nation,” a Camping Central spokesperson stated.

“We don’t get boxes on Boxing Day, we just relax. It’s a day in the year when we have earned the right to take a load off and enjoy life. Thousands of Australians have bought hammocks from us, so we know how popular they are. You could say that lying in a hammock is a national pass-time these days, so why not dedicate a day to celebrate our love for the hammock.

“Given what we love to do on December 26 and our appreciation for lounging around in a hammock, we reckon December 26 should be renamed National Hammock Day. It deserves a fair go!”

December 26 is a day that is now synonymous with post-Christmas relaxation and carefree lounging, a day for home pleasures with friends and family. The hammock, which is already considered a universal symbol of the good life, has become a favourite item of outdoor furniture, and the one in which most Australians prefer to accomplish those seasonal activities.

In contrast, the custom that lent its name to the day is no longer practiced, making ‘Boxing Day’ an antiquated name. It was originally taken as the title for the day because of the centuries old traditional of the wealthy giving Christmas boxes to staff on that day, while it was also the day when church poor boxes were opened and their contents distributed amongst the poor.

But these practices have stopped, and the ‘Box’ in Boxing Day simply no longer applies.

Camping Central points to the fact that Australians have shown a love for the hammock, whether it is hung in the back yard, on the veranda, on the beach or even in the bedroom, and the fact that they use them to recover from the exertions of Christmas Day.

What is more, as an item of furniture enjoyed by campers, home owners, holiday makers and resort owners alike, the hammock is much more than a seasonal item.

All things have their day, and on Boxing Day the sun has surely set. Meanwhile, the sun is rising on National Hammock Day!

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