City Living and Great Outdoors Combine with the BlackWolf Classic 25L Daypack

The town and the countryside might seem worlds apart but in both, getting around with your possessions close at hand is a priority. The BlackWolf Classic 25L daypack manages to marry the best of both worlds in one simple, light and ultra-practical daypack – which perhaps explains why it is a favourite amongst city slickers and camping enthusiasts alike.

According to the history books, backpacks were practical items used by hunters and soldiers, people who required something to carry their survival kits in when trekking long distances. For campers and hikers, that’s certainly still true today but the idea of ‘survival’ is fudged by the popularity of the BlackWolf daypack in the city.

This is where convenience reigns supreme, and for city dwellers with a hectic schedule and little or no time to stop, being able to zip around the streets with all their necessary belongings safely packed on their back is perfect. You might argue that a sports bag or a satchel can be just as effective, but lets face it, when it comes to cycling to work (or even skateboarding or rollerblading), carrying a bag in one hand just isn’t safe – or cool!

And what might a city-dweller carry in the bag? Well, many are students who carry their books in them, but chefs pack their brilliant white uniforms, office professionals a change of shoes and clothes, sports enthusiasts carry their footy gear, and shoppers have been known to carry their food supplies home in them.

And with everything packed securely on their back, they can concentrate on controlling the skateboard underfoot, or the bike they’re steering. Even if they’re taking public transport, they can slip smoothly on and off busses, trams and subway systems without bumping into anyone needlessly.

Man has been carrying things on his back for millennia, so nobody knows who invented the backpack. Even Otzi the Iceman, the 5,000-year old traveller discovered frozen in Alpine snow 20 years ago, is believed to have had a backpack with him – though, he carried an external wooden frame, nothing like the slick, light-weight backpacks we’re so familiar with today.

What is known, however, is just how essential a tool the backpack still is today. Whether heading into the wilderness to hike out the stresses that civilisation thanklessly throws up, or simply getting through the daily commute to work in the city, the BlackWolf Classic daypack serves the needs of the modern citizen perfectly.

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