Flavourful Curried Apricot Chicken Camp Stove Recipe

Cooking this recipe is simply fast and undeniably easy. In just merely 30 minutes, you will surely have this dish ready to serve and eat. Bon Appétit!



4 pieces of Chicken fillets (sliced into strips)
2 pieces of Large onions (sliced)
1 Tablespoon of Curry powder
1 piece of Red capsicum (sliced or diced)
1 (450 grams) tin of Apricot nectar


First, you must heat up a little bit of oil in a pan and then fry the chicken fillets as well as the onions until brown in colour. Use a single burner or 2-burner gas camp stove.

Next, add in the curry powder and the red capsicum. Now, you should cook it for about 5 minutes.

Then, pour in the apricot nectar and let it simmer for around 25 minutes.

Finally, it’s ready! You can now serve it with basmati rice. Yummy!

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