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Glamping is camping the more glamorous way. For most people, camping is the ultimate cheap getaway. As described, a road trip away carrying your sleeping bags, tents, a campfire, damper, and marshmallows on a stick are an ideal camping. However, not all camping trips are created or done equal because chances are, you have never been on one that could be described as “glamorous”. The mission of this is to provide a blog for new and experienced Glampers, including places where they’ve been, and gears they have used, which will meet the highest glamp standards, so to speak.

Being not much of an avid camper myself, I am very much interested with what glamping is all about and what this site will share with their readers. Every unique camping way always struck me and makes me curious even more. This is simply because I want to be in an outdoor adventure wherein I’ll feel definitely comfortable – the feeling of being home away from home. So I’ll definitely read more of this and see what I can find!

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