Hiking Camping

Kathy and Craig Copeland are the authors of this blog, who are very much dedicated to each other. They both agree that no matter how arduous the trail is or how rigorous the conditions are, hiking is still the easiest amongst the many tasks that’s necessary to create a guidebook. At the recent post on this blog page, there’s actually a heading of “follow the nomads”. Very simple yet direct phrases which basically invites their readers to be with them along with their adventure.

I actually noticed every tab reflects a different colour – like for the homepage, http://www.hikingcamping.com/, it is in light blue colour. Such an interesting and creative move actually because at least it won’t give the readers the impression to be bored while browsing every page since it still shows the same header as the design. Simplicity is the true beauty and choosing the cool pastel colours are a plus so as to give the readers the relaxing feeling while reading through the posts. I also like the photos they took during their outdoor adventure! Very nice and encouraging to go on a travel!

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