Joy of Camping

As an author of this blog site, Myrtha Chang simply features the basic essentials of a camper when going in an outdoor adventure – camping tips, camping recipes, gears, tips, ideas, stories and jokes, and even camp sites. This has very simple themed-page, too.

It’s always a good thing that such features different outlook and reviews about camping regardless if you are going away by yourself or with your family especially when having kids around. I’m pretty sure everything won’t be the same if you’ll be on a trip with kids around. I believe it’ll be more adventurous, right? There should be things to consider like recipes to eat that your kids will love or can’t resist. You can read more of this at A plus for this page is the fact that there’s also a section wherein there are tips – even just a couple – on choosing the right footwear when going on a trip. Read more at Looking forward to see more posts in this blog to feel the joy of camping!

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