Man VS Debt

A blog site that’s being constructed by Adam Baker or simply called Baker by his friends. Adam has Courtney, his wife of 4 years, and their spunky, stubborn newly-turned-three-year-old daughter, Milligan as the core of his life and considered to be his deepest passion. He shared their story in this blog wherein they decided to sell everything they owned in order to pay off their consumer debt, and spend a year travelling abroad as a family. Isn’t that sweet and exciting? Living together through thick and thin, huh! Now obviously, their initial plan of travelling for just a year has turned out to be more than that. At least, they’re enjoying what they’re doing.

I find stories of such people very courageous in a way because for one thing, hypothetically speaking, selling everything you own is kind of hard. I’ve never experienced such but still, reading from their story, I can imagine how hard it is. However, the best part about the whole thing is that this family has managed to stand on their own and continue with their passion of travelling. They’ve been to heaps of places and travelled through different locations, with some stories and experiences to share with us. So read on and be entertained!

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