Mouth Watering Camp Oven Swiss Steak

Who says you can’t bring, prepare, and eat a yummy and juicy steak out in the middle of nowhere when you are out camping? Even when you are just plainly away from home, you can easily have this dish around. You just always have to bring along your camp oven with you and you’ll surely do perfectly fine. You can cook anything especially this mouth-watering Swiss steak! Enjoy!



Vegetable oil
2 pounds of Beef top-round steak (trimmed of excess fat)
1 (15 oz.) can of Stewed tomatoes
1 (8 oz.) can of Tomato sauce
Garlic powder
Salt and pepper (to taste)


1. Before anything else, you should prepare your fire with the use of either charcoal coals or wood. This time, charcoal coal method is being used for the Dutch Oven camp cooking.

2. Fire the pit using coal. You may use backyard fire pit to cook on.

3. Note that coals are being shifted around so that more of them will get adequate hotness to cook with.

4. You may place the Dutch Oven over the hot coals. While cooking, you may shift the coals around the oven. Heat up the Dutch oven over the hot coals or over the wood.

5. Now, pour in the vegetable oil inside the Dutch Oven.

6. Spread out the vegetable oil around the bottom and all over the sides of the Dutch Oven.

7. At this point, when the pan is hot, you are surely now ready to cook. To check if it is hot, you may hold your hand over the oven.

8. You may cut up the meat into chunks depending on what you are serving together with the meat. Another way of doing it is by cutting the meat into cube as bite-size pieces.

9. At this time, you should season the meat using garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste. (Note: Adding cayenne pepper, steak seasonings, and any other spices that you desire are optional depending on how you want it.)

10. Next is to chop the onion into large chunks.

11. Afterwards, add in the meat as well as the onions into the hot Dutch Oven while placing the onions on top of the meat.

12. Simply place the lid on the Dutch Oven for about few minutes and then place some hot coals on the lid to help in heating up and cook the meat.

13. Now, you may remove the lid while stirring occasionally to evenly brown the meat.

14. When your Swiss Steak is evenly browned on both sides then you are ready for the next step.

15. As soon as the meat has browned, just add in the stewed tomatoes and the tomato sauce. (Note: Worcestershire Sauce is a perfect addition to this dish but only if you wish to.)

16. And now, you can place the lid back onto the Dutch Oven and let the mixture simmer for roughly about 15-20 minutes.

After having done those and after 20 minutes, simply remove the lid and check for tenderness of the meat. If the meat is not tender and it is falling off the fork when poked, just put the lid back on the Dutch Oven and continue to cook for roughly about 10-15 minutes more.

You may add bell peppers and mushrooms to this recipe just to be creative and more flavourful! Serve up and enjoy!

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