The BlackWolf Eskimo 250 Sleeping Bag – Ideal for Little Adventurers

It doesn’t usually take much for a kid to get excited about camping, but getting them excited about turning in for the night is usually a slightly bigger challenge. But with the BlackWolf Eskimo 250 sleeping bag, which is perfectly designed to keep the young ones snug, there is at least a greater incentive to hit the proverbial hay.

Of course, tuckering them out during the day is always helpful, and kids like to take in an adventure or two of their own, but night time can definitely get cold when you’re camping in the wilderness. And for that reason alone, it’s important that sleeping bags resist more than just a small draft.

As with everything from BlackWolf, the Eskimo 250 sleeping bag is made of the highest quality, but it is also available in two temperature ratings (-5 and -10 degrees celsius) so even a sudden drop in temperature at night can go undetected.

Not only that, but the contoured hood, draft collar and draft flap that are included in the design means that snug is a word that can be most definitely associated. So, even when camped on the side of Mt Stirling in Victoria, or the Blue Mountains near Sydney, every camper can be safely protected from even the most serious night chill.

These sleeping bags are shorter than normal, making them ideal for kids or small adults. But, of course, the little adventurers always need a little more that just a snug feeling to keep them happy in bed – the adventure, after all, tends to continue. But the provision of a hidden chest pocket means that a few bits and pieces can be kept in.

Invariably, that means a torch and reading material – comic or book – but might even include a small jar of insects captured on safari earlier in the day.

Available in blue and in pink, it means that both boys and girls can be happy at bedtime, and since the BlackWolf Eskimo is so light, the little campers can even carry it on their own – if they want to.

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