Ultimate Christmas List Ideas for Camping Lovers

You might think that Santa Claus brings camping enthusiasts little more than sleeping bags or back packs at Christmas. Not so!

In fact, there is a veritable sleigh-load of Christmas gift ideas for the camping lover, from a bigger and better tent to those newfangled gadgets that help to make the camping experience so, well… cool.

We’ve put together a list of 8 Christmas gift ideas for you to consider, ranging from the practical to the intriguing, each of which will have a camping lover grinning with holiday glee. You might have trouble fitting some into a Christmas stocking though!

1. Tasman 6V Tent

There is nothing better than sleeping in a dry, cool and spacious tent when you have 5 others sharing with you. So, this is an ideal gift for a camping family. A front vestibule, back door awnings and large windows combine to give a feeling of great space, while a UV Tex polyester fly provides added sun protection, and the ultra fine mesh keeps those nasty insects at bay. Something the whole family can enjoy.

2. OZtrail Sportiva Lodge 

Maybe the whole clan is coming on the camping trip, not just the family. Big enough to sleep 12 people, the OZtrail Sportiva Lodge looks as homely as a small cottage, with a movable room divider to complement individual floor plans. The spacious living area boasts a central point some 215cm high, while massive widows makes for a fresh open camping experience – despite the crowd!

3. Caribee Yoga Compact Mattress

Experienced campers say they like to rough it, but let’s face it, they’ll never say no to a comfortable night’s sleep. A self-inflatable compact yoga mat is comfortable for sure, but it is also durable enough to take the rough while you relax on the smooth. Ideal for a hiker snoozing under the stars.

4. Onland Dome Swag Mattress

Of course, under the stars is fine when the sky is clear. Under the rain doesn’t quite have the same sense of worthwhile. Which is why a domed swag can go down very nicely as a Yuletide gift. Amongst the best is the Woodland single domed swag from Onland. Sturdy and durable, it boasts waterproofed cotton canvas cover, a high density foam mattress, a heavy duty PVC base. Snug as a bug in a… domed swag!

5. Oztrail UFO LED Tent Light Lamp

Something a little different for the more imaginative camper. Intriguingly names a UFO light, this portable LED tent lamp. Battery powered for up to 24 hours, it gives both concentrated and dispersed light beams and is waterproof too. It’s not exactly UFO technology, but the circular shape of the lamp hanging from the tent roof, with 23 LED lights giving a brilliant coned light does seem a little out-of-this-world!

6. Dynamo Solar Radio

Possibly the simplest gift idea but one of the most practical and appreciated. Escaping to the wilderness does not always mean complete isolation was in the plan – especially when the footy is going on. Keeping tabs on scorelines is easy with a solar powered radio. Light to carry and handy to have, it also means music for company and access to weather news. When the sun’s down, power can be hand cranked.

7. A Solar Oven

We all like barbecued streak and chicken, but what if the gas runs out? A solar oven can shoulder much of the job, baking potatoes, frying hamburgers and even baking the odd brownie or two. Simple to use too, the oven concentrates heat into a central chamber where temperatures can climb to over 350 degrees. A fuel saver and eco-friendly, can’t be wrong as a Christmas present.

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

8. The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

And for desert? Ice cream made in the most fun way. Get the kids to make fresh ice cream by throwing and kicking around the ice cream maker. Shaped like a ball, the kids can enjoy play time while the cream inside is mixed around, and frozen thanks to the ice and rock salt placed in a compartment. After 20 minutes of culinary mayhem, you can simply share the ice cold ice cream around.


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