This blog site is collated by two American kids, turned mid-career professionals, turned travel junkies. Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are married for more than four years and have been through 65 countries already. And guess what? They’re still travelling around the world!

I believe that if you have the passion, dream, and goals in life that you surely want to achieve, all it takes is the guts and the perseverance. You’ll surely do whatever it takes to achieve those dreams and goals because those are what make and will surely make you happy, right? Just as I love travelling, there are still some countries that I’ve never been to and I intend to visit those when I have the time and opportunity – hopefully with my husband and growing up kids so that they can surely appreciate the sceneries. Anyhow, for this site, I personally like their specific blog about food photography simply because I love eating and taking shots of anything that can be kept as memories. Besides going over these images made me want to eat the featured foods. Perhaps you can also check out the link: http://www.uncorneredmarket.com/2010/01/10-tips-for-taking-great-food-photos/

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