Which Camping Canvas Tent is Right for You?

Camping is such an exciting outdoor recreational activity – may it be for beginners or not. Campers leave their usual comfort zones and go out to enjoy the nature for an overnight or better yet, for several nights outdoors. Though camping may involve the use of tents, campervans, motorhomes, or nothing at all, there are some parts in the world wherein camping basically refers to the use of tents plus other portable structures.

Now, we’ve gathered several reviews from campers and canvas tent users to help you decide which one to get – the one that is right for you – and these are what they had to say:

These were posted by amRex last 2nd September 2010. “There are numerous cheaper versions on the market, including the OZtrail tourer tents. You will often notice this style of tent in the background of photos in camping magazines.”

“I am using the term turbo tent to describe the increasing range of tents like the Black WolfTurbo tents. Similar style new models on the market in Australia include the Jet Tent byOztent and the OZtrail Blitz. Tents in this category are available in polyester or canvas.”

Another comment by Ferret on owning a canvas tent, “Yep, had mine out a few weeks ago and it poured down at night (though I didn’t hear it thanks to some good port). Got up in the morning to find big puddles outside and nothing inside, bone dry. I paid $199 for mine as an ex demo at the last camping show. – Scott, 10th Oct 2004”

OZtrail 12 x 15 Canvas Cabin Family Tent


“We have had a hacienda 2-room tent for approx 10 years, bought from the great outdoors.
It has the optional sunroom – great for storage.
Easily accommodates our family of 5.
The tent comfortably supports a fly tarp, which we set up to create an “L” shaped veranda.
Best investment we have made for our family camping trips.” – Phil, 4th Jan 2011

OZtrail Tourer 9 Plus Tent

“Yep! I have an Oztrail Tourer 9 Plus, the floor is woven Polypropylene and not PVC but it is thick enough to withstand considerable use. The bottom of the door zip will let water in if raining heavy if the awning is erected, this is fairly normal for most tents like this. Just drop the awning in rain or zip it up. The rest of it is waterproof and great. I am going to buy a Oztrail Tourer 9 for the boys and get rid of their older hard to erect tent now. I’m happy.” – Michael, 1st June 2006

“Same with us, we’ve an Oztrail 9 plus and it is a good tent. Before using it we set it up in the backyard and gave it a good soaking 3 times, allowing it to dry between each shower.
During our first trip using it we had rain on 2 occassions and no water came in at all.
Good tent which although we don’t use it often we know it will keep us dry and with the extra capacity of the “plus” there’s room for a fair bit of gear inside as well. Happy camping.” – Alan, 1st June 2006

“geoff, 4 people i know with oztrail and all happy after 2-3 yrs of use. i have t9 plus and its great. i also have 10X10 southern cross which after 4 years has broken front zip,leaks on back wall and has holes in the floor.
both are great tents-southern cross 10X10 slightly quicker to set up than a oztrail T9.
price them yourself and make your own mind up. cheers” – fozzy, 22nd Aug 2007

“have one for three years hasnt leaked yet, stood up to a lot of wind too with the square frame at the top 9 plus model I’ve already got my money’s worth” – oldmagpie2, 22nd Aug 2007

“A lot of people I know purchased the 9plus, and they are great tents. I got the Boots version of the same tent, but was not happy with the quality of it. The Oztrail one is much better quality, folds up smaller too. However, the Boots one did have a fantastic bag that was virtually water proof – that’s what I used to use on the roof with the tent and chairs in it! I am planning on buying the 9plus in the near future from ebay.” – Jo, 19th June 2007

OZtrail Tourer 9 Tent

“Not trying to start a ‘bun fight’ here but we bought a ‘Demo’ Tourer9 from Southern Cross. I’m 6’2 and can easy stand inside. It is superior quality and will last for years. It has good meaty zippers. Just back from Cape York with a few nites of drizzly rain with no leaks.
With just a little help from SWMBO we can have it up (the tent!!) in 5 minutes.
By ‘demo’- it was probably erected at a 4WD show and thats all. Still with full warranty. And saved quite a few $$$.” – Member-Signman, 22nd Aug 2007

“I’m about to get another new tent and was in Anaconda today and noticed their $199.00 Fathers Day special for Club members.

Being a “serious” camper I’d always frowned down on this brand in the past and was strongly considering another Oztent or Blackwolf.

Firstly, the main reason I’ve given up on Oztent RV4 is my height. Anyone over 6’2″ can’t stand up in them to get dressed and rubbing the roof of any tent first thing in the morning while getting changed is a bad idea (drips everywhere!).

Back to the subject at hand, I’ve searched pretty thoroughly and all-in-all I hear good reports about this cheap Oztrail Tourer 9. So why pay out $800+ for a Blackwolf Turbo? $600 difference is massive…

Cliches abound in my head…”Chinese quality”…”you get what you pay for” etc.

But why pay $600.00 more for a Blackwolf when the Tourer 9 sets up faster, is just as waterproof, has the same height and similar space?” – Geoff1967, 21st Aug 2007

OZtrail Tourer 10 Plus Tent

“got the tourer 10 plus, very happy with it.
yes, the floor is not as thick as the southern cross and maybe the canvas isn’t as heavy (i’m not sure) but apart from that, its 1/3 the price of a southern.
we have always put a tarp under our tents anyway and yes, it did leak at the bottom of the door when we left the awning up.” – howie, 1st June 2006

“got the oztrail 10 plus, which has the extended rear section, gives us plenty of room.
comparative tent was the freedom at $1200, we paid $400ish.
very happy with our oztrail, zips, canvas etc.
maybe the floor is not as good as the freedom but can’t see why it’s 3 times the money.
one thing, “separate internal weatherproof door panel” as they quote. if it rains hard, zip the front panel up.” – Howie, 21st Aug. 2007

OZtrail Chateau 10 Canvas Cabin Family Tent 

“We are very happy with the tent, I would rate it 10 out of 5 . It was a really good buy for my family and I” – Bian Motiff, 22nd Aug 2011

Now, we hope these have helped you make up your mind regarding which tent could be right for you and your family on your next outdoor adventure.

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