Why the BlackWolf Cedar Breaks Travelpack is Our Preferred Backpack

It’s easy to think that a camping trip is all about the great outdoors, pitching a tent and being as far away from civilisation as you can get. For those of us who love camping, those are the three motivating factors, after all!

Certainly, for weekend breaks, that’s pretty much the spread of it. But when it comes to the longer trips – and especially those that may take us across country – it is impossible to steer clear of towns and cities all the time.

And, that’s why we’re such great fans of the BlackWolf Cedar Breaks Travelpack, with a removable day pack that means we don’t have to worry about carrying all our gear into town.

Lugging a large backpack through the streets is not always the most practical option when all that is needed is some fresh supplies of food, drink and other essentials. So, when we needed to stock up on a few things, all we had to do was detach the pack from the main body and head to town.

Of course, the day pack is also a blessing when we hike for just a few hours. We might just be amateur photographers (and pack light when it comes to camera gear), but we make the most of our chance to take some photos, and there is little point in bringing a large backpack with us when we know we’ll return to camp long before nightfall.

BlackWolf provide some of the most reliably made camping luggage out there, and we’re pretty pleased with ours. We could have gotten the 90-litre capacity bag, but opted for the 75-litre instead. Top quality made, padded harness, lots of packing room, with raincover built in, and with the day pack so handy, it suits us down to the ground.

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